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treats its public servants it doesn't deserve to have any. the issue before you is that of official misconduct. you've heard argument about the bright line definition. that's what i want from my government is a bright line definition of the rules. i want a clear understanding of the rules. i want them applied with equality. without them, you get capriciousness under the law, you get fuzzy headed thinking and a double standard as pointed out our recent mayor was caring on with the wife of one of his aides. that would rise to the level of official misconduct according to the outlines of the city attorney. some questions. was the sheriff ever convicted of spousal abuse? no, he was not. in closing i'm going to ask you to be decent, to display good faith, compassion, and understanding. listen to the people who are here.
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restore mr. mirkarimi to his position, and let's get on with life in san francisco. thank you very much. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> you've heard many people say this evening all the good that they believe ross mirkarimi has done as supervisor of his district. we've heard many times about how the impetus to remove him is a witch hunt or politically motivated. these are both irrelevant and a distractions. it esessential to remember that ross mirkarimi pleaded guilty to a domestic violence crime. do to the nature of his crime it is neither possible or appropriate to fulfill his duties as sheriff especially as he's still serving his sentence. as supervisors it is your responsibility to keep the best interests of your residents of your district at the forefront. i would riek to remind you, it has been overwhelmingly shown
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the majority of san franciscans from each district believe ross mirkarimi should be removed from office. i urge you to stay true to your word to represent the citizens of san francisco and listen to what they are saying. the citiz=!x' of san francisco want safety and accountability from their elected officials. i urge you to show san franciscans that you take the crime of domestic violencef seriously and to show the country that san francisco, a city nationally recognized for its domestic violence response, is true to its wordçwo' as well. i ask you uphold the ethics commission findings on misconduct and÷ remove ross mirkarimi from office. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. next=e+7w speaker. next speaker. >> chair member, and board of supervisors, my name is sheila, and i am a team program case manager with la casa de las
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madres. i'm not here to question accomplishments of mirkarimi. i personally voted for him. i have also had the privilege of supporting survivors of domestic violence and understand the acts of the perpetrator do not stop with the victim but affect their children, their family and friends and the rest of the community. i have seen howp+q incredibly hd it is for survivors to seek out help from their own communities and domestic violence agencies, much less law enforcement. san francisco has worked hard over the past decades to improve its ability to better support survivors to ensure that those who have been victims feel they can turn to the police, and -- for help and protection. it's deeply disturbing to me to think that someone who has been a perpetrator of violence be put in charge of the protection of those who have been victim to it especially someone who is supposed to be the face of the office of the sheriff. public officials should be held to a higher standard because people put their trust in them by electing them to their
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position. ross mirkarimi broke that trust. i urge the board of supervisors to continue the progress san francisco has made combating domestic violence and urge you to uphold the official misconduct findings against ross mirkarimi. thank you for your time. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good evening, supervisors. my name is katherine burg, associate director at la casa de las madres i have been domestic violence advocate. i don't envy you but i think your course of action is clear. ross mirkarimi admitted to committing a violent act against his life, he knew he was breaking the law and pled guilty to false imprisonment in a domestic violence case. this is not a politically motivated witch hunt. as has been repeatedly called. hopefully this is the end of a protracted disciplinary process that is going to identify that
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it's not appropriate for san francisco sheriff or sheriff-elect to commit a domestic violence crime, be on probation and lead one of the agency's -- one of the city's law enforcement agencies. if reinstated, he will represent your tolerance, he will represent san francisco's tolerance of a top law enforcement officer committing a crime, rooted in the abuse of power and control. it's not appropriate. if you fail to agree that mirkarimi -- that his conduct does fall below that standard it to survivors of violence. thiskm+ju is not about ross miri as a person. this is about ross mirkarimi as our sheriff. and i urge you to sustain the charges of official misconduct. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. >> good evening. wow.wicx
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rspect, respect. about people with mental illness. proposition 63 isuuñ% the mentl right here in san francisco. people with mental illness have been suffering for a long time. proposition 63 was passed to have funds available for people with mental illness. and san francisco, the money for proposition 63 is not being spent right. that money is being abused and misused. and no one is paying attention to it at all. it is billions and billions of dollars that is going without use. and this board of supervisors, it is san francisco, you guys should be the first to know about it, to hear about it, to make sure that it is being implanted right. it is not. i am a very condition siewrm and
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a witness -- consumer and a witness on the forefront of different organizations, the community behavior health, the the mental health association, right here in san francisco. information, get on this case. look at prop 63, all your supervisors. i came up here to give it a fresh air because we're dealing with all this. you guys have a lot in front of you, but proposition 63 is very important. it is for people with serious mental illness that has taken advantage here in san francisco. we look at so many different things, but the important, the important thing, people with mental illness. the act was passed. proposition 63, mental health service act. get some information about it. read about it. you people in the audience, after we -- >> president chiu: thank you very much. i just want to mention, this is
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the public hearing related to the official misconduct charges facing our sheriff. we will have general public comment later on in this meeting. next speaker. >> members of the board of supervisors, ray hartz, director of san francisco open government. ross mirkarimi was elected our sheriff. he was sworn as our sheriff. he is our sheriff. that is the sum of the facts. the only thing that stands between him and his ability to carry out the duties of his office is this body. trust the citizens of san francisco. we elected ross. and if we want him removed, we are not shy. if you put him back in office, we have recourse, and that is to petition for recall, an the citizens of this city have done it before. if they feel it is appropriate, they will do it again. do not substitute your judgment for the will of the people.
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secondly, i respect all of the opinions here as i've told you many times before. people have relating to domestic violence. but i will ask youey/@v to consr this. if you decide to remove sheriff mirkarimi based on what has happened inñdk this particular case, which of you is safe from similar charges for any who somehow decide that if they can't get to you in some other way, they willuuñ simply use a shove or a push or a harsh word f$>ór'g these same charges agait you. i predict that if you don't return the sheriffex to his office, this will simply return to the court, and a judge will do÷m!4%pá he failed to do earlir because he couldn't at the time. he will say this waswb0a all illegal, there is a legal process for removing elected official. he willucwñ reinstate the sheri. and the citizens will again have their will. don't substitute your judgment
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for the citizens of san francisco. we elected him. if we want him removed, we would have done so in the last nine months. and i haven't seen one effort or petition to do so. >> president chiu: at this time, as i stated at 2:00, we are going to take a short break. this was requested by a number of parties. what i would like to do, if i could ask everyone who is in line, if you could look to your left and look to your right, and respect the order of line. because folks i know have been waiting. i will also mention to individuals who are waiting in our overflow room, apparently the line outside of chambers is quite short so i would suggest for those of who you wish to speak in public comment after we get back to please line up. ma'am, you will be the first person who will speak. colleagues, why don't we recess until 7 pm. thank you. >> (the board of supervisors meeting is in recess until
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